Hanging Shadows: Perspectives On Italian Horror Cinema

Revenge of the Ninja

Revenge of Lady Fighter

A Girl Fighter

Bloody Mask

Brave Lion

David Lee Roth on Night Flight (Part 3)

David Lee Roth on Night Flight (Part 1)

Bob Marley (Night Flight)

Little Kickboxer

Outsiders - Champions: The Films Of Mike Wallington

Box Of Bigfoot: Hillbillies Vs. Sasquatch (3 Movie Pack)

Hong Kong Godfather

Ghost War - Spirited Killer 3

Killer of Snake Fox of Shaolin

Jack The Giant Killer

Night Flight - Directions in Jazz and Double Exposure

Invincible Obsessed Fighter

Larry Hankin: Happy Father's Day! from Emmett Deemus

Duel in the Tiger's Den

Los Lobos Del Este De Los Angeles

Master Wong Vs. Master Wong

Gambler and his Kung Fu Master

Secret Rivals

China Dragon

Bullet and Brain

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Politics

Master Sword

Kung Fu Kid

Larry Hankin Live at Beyond Baroque: Sometimes Jones Speaks With God

Dynaman - Pilot Episode 2

Chivalric Tornado

Larry Hankin: "Crossword Puzzle"

Killer In The Dark

Shintaro Detective Fencer

Ratt Night Flight Interview 1

Jim Capaldi on Traffic's secluded cottage where member of Led Zeppelin and more came to jam

Night Flight - Flash Tracks (2/26/88)

Ghost Killer

Invincible Kung Fu Trio

Rye Coalition - The Story Of The Hard Luck 5

Blade of Doom

Cantonen Iron Kung Fu

Larry Hankin: "Quicksand Hero"

Larry Hankin - "Revenge Of The Ring Thing or Randalf & The Sacred Silver Sword of Truth"

Jonathan Cain and Steve Smith on Journey's video games.mp4

Richard Lewis - Magical Misery Tour

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Larry Hankin: "Valentine's Day": Emmett Deemus says "I wrote a little pome for you"

Punk Revolution NYC: The Velvet Underground, The New York Dolls And The CBGBs Set

Tommy Shaw On His Solo Career

Larry Hankin: "Outlaw Emmett Deemus"

Lightning of Bruce Lee

Jade Hairpin Alliance

Pale Sky

Combat at Heaven's Gate

Larry Hankin: "Homeless Sex"

Hidden Enforcers

Ratt Night Flight Interview 2

Shaolin Vs Evil Dead

Michael Schenker Group - Live In Tokyo: 30th Anniversary Japan Tour

The Real Andy Kaufman Trailer

Larry Hankin: "Dee Dee and Mel"

Legend of the Drunken Tiger

Betrayal and Revenge

Larry Hankin: "Independence"

Larry Hankin Live at Beyond Baroque: Sometime Jones- A Quicksand Hero

William S. Burroughs - Commissioner Of Sewers

Gambling Baron

Ninja Swords Of Death

The Dicks From Texas (Trailer)

Larry Hankin: Congratulations new graduate from Emmett Deemus

Larry Hankin: "Happy Valentine's Day": An Emmett Deemus Rant

13 Worms

Larry Hankin: "I Hate To Say I Told You So"

Face Behind The Mask

Jim Capaldi on why Traffic broke up

Secret Kung Fu Agent Chung King

Golden Nightmare

Robin Williams was on the set of that sexist Helix video

Larry Hankin" "The Lost Tapes of Emmett S Deemus"

Kickboxer the Champion

Karate Wars

China Dolls

Frank Zappa on music videos

AC/DC on the infamous school boy suit

Matchless Conqueror

Frank Zappa on censorship (2)

Al Franken on Tunnel Vision.mp4

Outsiders - The Skin Horse: John Samson

Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy In The Americas

Mirror Mirror

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The Wrecking Crew

Golden Sand Blade

Larry Hankin: "Did you have a nice Christmas?": An Emmet Deemus Pome

He Who Returned With One Leg

Mission of Justice

Love of the White Snake

Arhats in Fury

Larry Hankin Live at Beyond Baroque: Do Wow Swing & Bow Wow

J- Men Forever - "Pack All My Disguises"

Legend of the Wong Tai Sin

Satyre Monks

Kung Fu Attraction

AC/DC on being one of the biggest bands in the world

Ghost House

Kings of Kung Fu

Michael Jackson: Video Killed The Radio Star

Larry Hankin: "Outlaw Coming Attractions"

Life And Death Entrance


Billy Joel: Video Killed The Radio Star

B.B. King tells the story of why he named his guitar Lucille

Godly Beggar

Frank Zappa loves Night Flight

Dynaman - Pilot Episode 1

Athens, GA: Inside Out

Kid From Tibet

Larry Hankin: "Lost Signal"

Rickshaw Boy

Guided By Voices - The Electrifying Conclusion

New York Dolls All Dolled Up - trailer.mp4

Gene Simmons and Lisa Robinson Outtakes

Fists for Revenge

AC/DC were riding motorcyles and playing videogames between records in 1986

Simon Le Bon - Music Videos

Best of Shaolin Kung Fu

Jackie Chan's Top Fighter

Lady Karate

AC/DC - "Fly On The Wall"

Deadend of Besiegers

420 Triple Feature

Eazy E (Slammin' Rap Video Magazine)

Lydia Lunch Explains "Mondo New York"

Drunkn Master Strikes Again

Judicial Sword

Duel with the Devils

Salad Of A Thousand Delights

Black Wind Inn

Chrissie Hynde on Revolution

The Queers Are Here

Manchester Sound: Happy Mondays & Friends At Cities In The Park

Highway To Hell: Classic Album Under Review

Larry Hankin: "Happy Valentine's Day"! Emmett Deemus says: "Here comes a pretty girl"

The Magic Crane

"Nine Lives" Install at Castle Fitzjohns

Pornstar Pets

Satan Goes To Hollywood

Ghost's Sword

Night Flight introduces The Residents

Little Hero On The Run

David Lee Roth on Night Flight (Part 2)

Inside Metal: Pioneers Of L.A. Hard Rock And Metal

Gone With Honor

Jim Capaldi can't quite get his Night Flight intro right

If It Ain't Cheap, It Ain't Punk: Fifteen Years Of Plan-it X Records

Larry Hankin: Happy Mother's Day! from Emmett Deemus

Deadly Fury

Legend of the Wolf

634479988899_HeavyMeta ParkingLot_trailer.mp4

Marilyn Manson - Fear Of A Satanic Planet Unauthorized

Flipper - Live Target Video 1980-81

Lady Super Cop

Osaka Wrestling Restaurant

D.O.A. - To Hell and Back

Enter the Fat Dragon

Crazy Horse and Intelligent Monkey

Larry Hankin: Uncle Emmett's "Tales of Dementia"

Ratt Night Flight Interview 3

AC/DC's Brian Johnson on singing Bon Scott songs

Bruce Lee Against Snake In The Eagle's Shadow

Miss Magic

AC/DC - "Shake Your Foundations"

Larry Hankin Live at Beyond Baroque - What Is The Job of the Independent Entrepreneurial Beggar-Saint?

Tunnel Vision.mp4

Frank Zappa on his legacy

Wisconsin Rising

Larry Hankin Live at Beyond Baroque: Emmett Deemus Tales

Frank Zappa on making films

Funeral Home

Guangdong Heroine

Hair Metal Band Helix explain the story behind the Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin' video

Larry Hankin: "My Uncle Emmett"

Midnight Movies Trailer

Greatest Thai Boxing

US Festival 1983: Days 1-3

AC/DC on living up to Back in Black's sales

Glenn Branca - Symphony Nos.8 & 10: Live At The Kitchen

45 Grave perform "Black Cross" on "New Wave Theatre" (June 5, 1984)

Brothers Two

Last Fist of Fury

Impossible Kid

Jim Capaldi remembers touring with Joe Cocker

Loyal Hero

Monks Fight

Jim Capaldi on record shops in the 60s and meeting Steve Winwood

The Residents - The Commercial DVD


Green On Red - Valley Fever: Live at the Rialto

Shaolin Fighters