3 Fantastic Supermen

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Motown

The Invincible Armour

Stranger from Canton

Sleeping Fist

The Scott & Gary Show: Shockabilly (March 1985)

Visions of SubGenius Preachers

The Devil's Honey

The Other Hell

Tailspin Tommy: Episode 07 - Flying Death

Without Pity

Tailspin Tommy: Episode 10 - The Dungeon of Doom

Secret Rivals

All the Colors of the Dark

Best of 1970

Doin' Time In Times Square

Revenge of Lady Fighter

Night Flight - "Take Off" to New York

The Scott & Gary Show: Beastie Boys (January 1984)

13 Worms

Tailspin Tommy: Episode 05 - The Torrent

Dead Kids

TV Party: The Sublimely Intolerable Show

Shaolin Fighters

Night Flight - Visions of Platinum Part 1

Day of the SubGenius

Night Flight - Dire Straits Video Profile

Dr. Ruth & Jerry Seinfeld

Wrestling Classics Vol: 5

X-Ray Visions: A Look Inside Portland's Legendary X-Ray Cafe

Timothy Leary's Dead

Wrestling Classics Vol 6: Midgets & Monsters

The Survivor

The Scott & Gary Show: Half Japanese (February 1984)

Tailspin Tommy: Episode 08 - Crossed and Double-Crossed

L.A.M.F.: Live At The Bowery Electric

Night Flight - "Take Off" To New Age

Riding Bean

Bubblegum Crisis Ep. 1 (Tinsel City Rhapsody)

Satyre Monks

Night Flight - Mother's Day Special (As Aired)

The Scott & Gary Show: Butthole Surfers (October 1984)

Zombie 4

Tailspin Tommy: Episode 01 - Wreck of the Dirigible

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Slapstick

Rickshaw Boy

The Scott & Gary Show: Ben Vaughn Combo (December 1983)

Night Flight - What To Do On A Date

Tale Of 15 Children

Night Flight - "Take Off" To Politics (1983)

The Scott & Gary Show: The Clintons (December 1985)

7 Grandmasters


The Sadist of Notre Dame

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Metal

Tailspin Tommy: Episode 04 - Bolt From the Blue

Night Flight - Video Gallery: Australia

Next of Kin

Michael Schenker Group - Live In Tokyo: 30th Anniversary Japan Tour

The Scott & Gary Show: Curtiss A (May 1984)

The Scott & Gary Show: The Rhomboids (March 1986)

Radio 1990 (4/12/83)

Pecos Cleans Up

Wrestling Families, Volume 1 The Guerreros

Radio 1990 (4/13/83)


Tailspin Tommy: Episode 12 - The Last Stand

Pussy Riot - Death To Prison, Freedom To Protest

To Live and Die in Tsim Sha Tsui


Eaten Alive

Revenge of the Ninja

Beast of Blood

Laz Rojas - Triangle

Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock - On A Mission: Live In Madrid

Invasion of the Blood Farmers

Monster Make-up, Hosted By Dick Smith

SubGenius Commercial for MTV

Reproduction Cycle Among Lower Life Forms Under the Rocks of Mars (1978)

Bruce's Deadly Fingers

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Rock Cowboys

Mother Riley Meets the Vampire

Otaku no Video

Night Flight - Visions Around The World

Night Flight - Van Halen Video Profile

Night Flight - Ramones Video Profile (1991)

Ninja Swords Of Death

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Satanic Metal

Vampire Princess Miyu: Vol.1 (Unearthly Kyoto)

The Scott & Gary Show: Raunch Hands (April 1984)

Snake In The Monkey Shadow

The Space Movie

The Aftermath

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Raw Vision Film Festival Highlights

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Sinfonia Erotica

A Night Flight Tribute - Tom Petty Interview (1985)

Shaolin Vs Evil Dead

Tailspin Tommy: Episode 11 - Desperate Chances

Nuptials In Middle Atlas

The Scott & Gary Show: Ben Vaughn and Aldo Jones (April 1989)

Mondo Freudo

Osaka Wrestling Restaurant


The Scott & Gary Show: R. Stevie Moore (April 1984)

The Man Who Came To Kill

Wrestling Classics Volume 1

Wrestling Families, Volume 2 The Funks

Song of the South – Duane Allman & The Rise of the Allman Brothers Band

Dark Waters

Despite The Gods

Twilight People

Days of Thrills and Laughter

Night Flight - "Take Off" To Sports Rock

Brides of Blood

Zombie 3

George Romero Interview

Vampire Princess Miyu: Vol. 1 (A Banquet of Marionettes)

Tailspin Tommy: Episode 06 - Crash in the Clouds

Salad Days Outtakes: Interviews

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Los Angeles

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Southern Rock

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Women in Rock II

TV Party: Color Show

Drive-In Massacre

The Revelation Of Lee Scratch Perry

Last Shop Standing

The Ripper


Night Flight - Video Flash Tracks: Thomas Dolby and Metal In Your Face

Night Flight - Tom Waits Video Profile

Don't Open the Door

The Tell-Tale Heart

The Scott & Gary Show: The Johnsons (January 1985)

Night Flight Interviews Promo

Night Flight - Visions of Music and Fashion Part 2

Night Flight - Traveling Wilburys Video Profile

Glastonbury Fayre

The Scott & Gary Show: No King (February 1985)

Ballad of Bob

Bubblegum Crisis Ep. 2 (Born to Kill)

Vampire Princess Miyu: Vol. 2 (Frozen Time)

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals

Swordsman Of The Two Sword Style

Black Shampoo

Tubes: Live At German Television - The Musikladen Concert 1981

Tater Tomater (1990)

Malhoune: La Parole Chantee

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Politics (1986)

Count Dracula

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Right-Wing Rock

Night Flight - Visions of Platinum Part 2

Rhythms Of Marakech

The Scott & Gary Show: Das Yahoos (February 1987)

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

Prince - Reign Of The Prince Of Ages

Night Visitor

Turkey Shoot

Terror By Night

Night Flight - "Take Off" to School Revolt

Jackie Chan's Top Fighter

Laz Rojas - Seasons Change/The Stranger Within

The Scott & Gary Show: The Beatnik Flies (February 1987)

Siamese Outlaws

Death Warmed Up

Qaddafi's Female Bodyguards

Tunnel Vision

Tailspin Tommy: Episode 02 - Roaring Fire God

Night Flight - Video Flash Tracks

Mondo Bizarro

Vampire Princess Miyu: Vol.2 (Fragile Armor)

Something Weird Trailer


North Korea - Life Inside The Secret State

Shocking Dark

Don't Look in The Basement


Tailspin Tommy: Episode 09 - Wings of Disaster


Between Resistance & Community: The Long Island Do-it-yourself Punk Scene

The Threee Geniuses: The Re-Death Of Psychedelia

Wrestling Classics Vol 4: Women's Special

The Scott & Gary Show: Woofing Cookies (March 1985)

Church of the SubGenius - Adventures in Teen Life

Best of 1970: Vol 2

18 Bronzemen

Night Of The Living Dead

High There

The Scott & Gary Show: Alter Boys (December 1985)

The Scott & Gary Show: The Beatoes (April 1989)

Blood Cult

Revolution In The Head: Rage Against The Machine & The Art Of Protest

Kiss: Hell's Guardians - Interviews

Shaolin Vs Evil Dead Part 2

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Mad Doctor of Blood Island

Night Flight - Viewers Choice IV and Frontiers of Progressive Rock

Terror is a Man