Alamo Drafthouse Promo

David Bowie - Iconic

Leonard Cohen - Under Review: 1934-1977


Great Wrestling Tag Teams Of 1979-80


Assassin of Youth

Night Flight - "Take Off" to the Australian Invasion

The Allman Brothers Band - After The Crash.mp4



Night Flight - "Take Off" to Big Bucks

Brute and Beast Trailer

Bruce Springsteen - Under Review 1978-1982: Tales Of The Working Man

Prison Of The Dead



Night Flight - "Take Off" to 80s Dance Classics

May God Forgive You... I Won't

Shawn Michaels - Legends Of The Square Circle

Teenage Mother

Tambours Battant: With Drums Beating

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Best of 1970: Vol 2

Ruben Blades - The Return Of Ruben Blades

Musical Mutiny

Heroine Kan Lan Shu

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Black Angels

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Demonic Toys

Best of 1970

Hooked Generation

Pride And Joy: The Story Of Alligator Records

Best Of The 80's Vol 3 Hawaii Wrestling

International Pro Wrestling Wars

The Naked Zoo

Savages From Hell

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The Rebel Set


Southwest Championship Wrestling: Best Of The 80s Volume 2

Narcotic Story

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Queen - Under Review 1973-1980

Hippie Revolt

Nuptials In Middle Atlas

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Eyehategod - Live

The Wild Scene


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David Bowie: Video Killed The Radio Star

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Wrestling Classics Vol: 5

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Night Flight - Comedy Cuts 5 and Sci-fi Blockbusters


Adventures of Captain Marvel

Wrestling Classics Vol 4: Women's Special

New Years (AV Club)

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The Beatniks

Night Flight - New Sounds XVI

Joe Strummer (of The Clash): Video Killed The Radio Star

Heavy Metal Meltdown (7.8.89)

Art of Noise



What Were They Thinking?

The Residents - The Talk Of Creatures (Commercial DVD Trailer)

My Name is Pecos

Junior High School (Directors' Commentary)

She Should'a Said No!


Rolling Stones - Under Review: 1962 - 1966

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Captain Marvel.mp4

Night Flight - The Cure Video Profile and New Movies

Night Flight - Music Video Directors Part 2

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Marakesh Trailer.mp4


Embroidered Canticles

Wrestling Families, Volume 2 The Funks

Tubes: Live At German Television - The Musikladen Concert 1981

Brian Eno 1971-1977: The Man Who Fell To Earth

Legends Of The Square Circle Presents Ernie Ladd

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Witchouse: Blood Coven

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Wrestling Families, Volume 1 The Guerreros

Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements

It's A Revolution Mother

Comin' At Ya!

Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Video Killed The Radio Star

The Psychedelic Priest

Bob Dylan - Roads Rapidly Changing

Wrestling Classics Volume 1

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Mott The Hoople - Under Review

"New Wave Theatre" - Show 9 (1982)

The Invincible Armour

Night Flight - 1987 History of Night Flight

Bowie, Iggy & Lou, The Sacred Triangle: 1971- 1973

Junior High School

Invisible: The Chronicles Of Benjamin Knight

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Best Of Billy Jack Haynes Vol. 1

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Harry Nilsson - The Point: The Definitive Collector's Edition

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Sandy Denny - Under Review

Rhythms Of Marakech


Records Collecting Dust

Madonna - Performance Review

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Hardcore Devo Live!

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Legend Of Boggy Creek

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Looking For Johnny: The Legend Of Johnny Thunders

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Flaming Teenage

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Syd Barrett - Under Review

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The Man Who Fell To Earth Trailer

The Brute and The Beast


Black Rebels

Tubes Live At German Television- The Musikladen Concert 1981 - trailer.mp4


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Gumby - Pilgums and Patriots

Louanges: Hymns of Praise

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Night Flight Short Film Showcase (Squeal of Death)

The Story of Rock 'N' Roll Comics (Trailer)

Don't Turn The Other Cheek


My Breakfast With Blassie

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Pantera - Screaming Black Messiahs Unauthorized

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Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave


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The Wild & The Dirty

Prince - Up Close & Personal

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Joy Division - Under Review

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Bob Dylan - Tales From A Golden Age: Bob Dylan 1941-1966


Night Flight - Robert Plant Video Profile & NF Goes to the Movies


The Heavyweights of Comedy

Wrestling Video Magazine: Spring 1981

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