Cousin Joe Twoshacks’ ‘Whale in Lake Michigan’

By on May 1, 2015

Whale in Lake Michigan was written and recorded by my good friend JoeCartoon for his debut album, Rock & Toads, under his alter ego, Cousin Joe Twoshacks. Joe handed 12 songs to 12 different animators and gave them free reign to create whatever they wanted. So I created this for Whale. I must have listened to this track over 100 times before I even started animating. It’s a great track, and hope the video does it justice! You can find out more info at It’s a lot of fun and a great example of it never being too late to try something new, check it out!


Whale in Lake Michigan
Cousin Joe Twoshacks
Rocks & Toads

Directed, Designed & Animated by:
Mike Storey

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About Mike Storey

Mike Storey is an animator and designer best known for numerous Flash animated websites in the late 90’s and 2000’s. A proud member of the first wave of online Flash animators, and is the creator of cult favorites such as Fatty Big Eye & Bruce and the Sweepin’ Joe’s series. Mike unites irreverent humor with his own unique, "self-taught" style of animation. He spent the better part of the dot-com boom and bust as the Creative Director for the legendary JoeCartoon Company. Currently Mike resides in Michigan designing, animating and exploring the digital universe at his crappy little blog,