David J of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets tours Europe for intimate shows in June

By on June 4, 2015
davidjmooreAuthorAi??Alan Moore in a unique performance with David J.

Seminal musician David J, one quarter of the force known as Bauhaus and one third of the psychedelic rock jam known as Love and Rockets, further celebrates his autobiography ai???Who Killed Mister Moonlight? Bauhaus, Black Magick, and Benediction,ai??? with a sturdy reading and show at New Yorkai??i??s Joeai??i??s Pub before embarking on a month-long May tour, visiting London, Prague, and Berlin before returning to the States for shows in Philadelphia, Grand Rapids, Detroit, San Francisco, and Denver.

davidjshowDavid J in concert at Joe’s Pub, with Paul Wallfisch on piano andAi??Heather PaauweAi??on violin.

With the first edition now sold out, Who Killed Mister Moonlight? enters its second printing as David J. Haskins reads salubrious passages from the book while missing in songs both known and new. New Yorkai??i??s visit included the uber-classic Bela Lugosiai??i??s Dead, accompanied by piano and violin, with renditions of LCD Soundsystemai??i??s New York I Love You But Youai??i??re Bringing Me Down and a rocking highlight of Iggy Popai??i??s Dum Dum Boys.

davidjbooksDavid J greeting fans and offering tomes after the show.

Haskins has been performing exclusive ai???Living Room Showsai??? here and there, highly intimate events with audiences as small as 25, sitting floor or cushions, and truly being right in the moment along with the progenitive rocker. Check his calendar to see when you might be fortunate enough to attend one of these limited-ticket events. For fans of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, and David J, ai???Who Killed Mister Moonlight?ai??? is the inside story of one of the greatest bands of all time, and the generative works that followed.

David J Tour Schedule June thru July 2015

June 1 ai??i??Ai??The Clissoid (The Kinks Room) London, UK
June 2Ai??ai??i??Ai??Massolit – Reading & PerformanceAi??w/ David J., Michael Berg – Krakow, Poland
June 4 ai??i?? Shakespeare & Son – Reading & Performance w/ David J, Michael Berg – Prague, Czech Republic
June 5 ai??i??Ai??Shakespeare & Sons – Reading & Performance w/ David J, Michael Berg – Berlin, Germany
June 6Ai??ai??i??Ai??Urban Spree – Reading & Performance w/ David J, Michael Berg – Berlin, Germany
June 9Ai??ai??i??Ai??LIVING ROOM SHOW w/ David J, Michael Berg – Berlin, Germany
June 11 ai??i??Ai??Salao Brazil – Coimbra, Portugal
June 12 ai??i?? Fontoria Club – Solo w/ David J, Rui Maia
June 13Ai??ai??i??Ai??Sister Ray – Reading & Performance – Porto, Portugal
June 18Ai??ai??i??Ai??LIVING ROOM SHOW – PRIVATE – Philadelphia, PA
JulyAi??10 ai??i??Ai??Hop Cat w/ members of Planet D Nonet – Grand Rapids, MI
JulyAi??11 ai??i??Ai??Huma Room w/ members of Planet D Nonet – Detroit, MI
July 21Ai??ai??i??Ai??LIVING ROOM SHOW w/ David J, Darwin – San Francisco, CA
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